Acadian's UAV project is to allow Acadia personnel the ability to view structures and surroundings in a way that was previously unavailable.  The UAV will allow for better aerial images of site surveys, water control structures, pipeline right of way paths and much more. The UAV will give our environmental team the ability to asses a site visually without putting personnel or clientele in harms way and giving us intelligence that we can utilize to better assess a site.  In the gulf south not all structures are easily accessible  There are many times that we need to asses erosion, water damage, or rock structures that are miles out into the marsh. with the employment of the UAV we are able to asses the structures without harming the natural habitat and with the added benefit of not having to use heavy and cost intensive equipment.  

Design Log:

Test Flight (4-19-13):  Basic setup for UAV.
   Calibrated the accelerameter by hardwired USB connection to laptop. Preflight test passed 

  • No Telemetry
  • No OSD (On Screen Display)

No problems during flight. Loiter mode and alt-hold mode both worked fine. UAV crashed. Crash was operator error and not caused my algarithems. Could possibly need new prop mount because of crash. Video shows test flight

Design Issue (4-25-13): Telemetry not communicating
RX, TX, RSSI all show transmission. Next step in design is to test the telemetry. Past test have shown low power on computer side. This is causing low signal retention and signal loss. This signal loss is not acceptable for video transmitting and GPS coordinate navigation. This must be fixed before flight testing. Parts possibly causing power loss:

  • Xbee-Expolorer-v15 
    Vdd pinout 1; is the output cause of low power. The source to this issue could be a faulty ground or a short circuit. New circuit might be most cost effective solution.