The project management team consists of licensed Professional Engineers in Civil and Environmental, as well as Professional Land Surveyors.  The firm is a Louisiana Licensed Contractor for hazardous waste, a Louisiana Licensed Water Well Contractor, a Licensed Underground Storage Tank (UST) Contractor, and a Response Action Contractor (RAC) with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.  Acadian is able to draw from its own in-house resources to perform the engineering and scientific services required for a wide range of required permitting and design services.  This allows Acadian to optimize its ability to respond to its clients, minimize costs, and optimize quality.  Field survey data can be acquired in a fashion to assess special design considerations which may require alternative solutions and technologies.  The “real time” mapping capabilities which the Acadian team possesses is critical in performing field inspections, while the survey is in progress.  This capability assists the project engineer in analyzing the feasibility of alternative designs and the determination of terrain and field conditions which will require special design considerations.  Additionally, the survey data acquired at this phase shall provide the necessary data to perform preliminary construction cost estimates.

  • Road & Bridges
  • Site Development
  • Oil & Gas Well Permitting
  • Pipelines
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Structural
  • Coastal Engineering

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